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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Martials Arts

On second Wednesday I'd like to train the student of Ananda Islamic School, for the second meeting the student should like to know first some of technique in martials arts. Such as defense, attack and etc. About some technique from a weapon it hasn't been recommended for a days, may be it shoul be held after passing of Romadon holy month.

To remember for student that martial arts is devided into three section, first for sport, second for martial, third for art. In this case, we learn a martials art as sport and art, not for martial (fight). Because in the fight there some many extremely dangerous technique. fight should like be practiced in the case of sparing time, there some rules run to obey. that's a martial arts.

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  1. Thanks Pak Ade since the kids right now sometimes reluctant to do the physical activity, introduces them to Pencak silat will make them enjoy and fun.

    Keep blogging pak Ade